Outdoor projects may be the last thing on the minds of many residents of the Greater Toronto Area, but Fine Design Living, one of the top design and build firms in the GTA, tells their clients that they shouldn’t wait until the spring or summer to book their landscape projects due to the limited availability of high-quality Toronto landscaping companies.

Spring and summer are typically busy times, with many clients booking landscape construction projects. Fine Design Living always tells their clients to book early in order to avoid disappointment; in fact, if you wait until the spring to book with any of the leading Toronto landscaping companies, you may just find yourself on a waiting list until the fall, or even until next year!

Although the GTA has been experiencing cold temperatures and the most snow it has received in years, quality design and build firms, such as Fine Design Living, continue to book projects throughout the year. By booking with Fine Design Living during the off-season, you have a better chance of making it onto their landscape client list for spring. And not only does booking early get you onto the client list, it also allows Fine Design Living a sufficient amount of time to discuss the different landscape ideas you have in order to put together a professional landscape design that is tailored to your property.

Even if you would prefer to wait until the spring or summer, you should still consider booking your backyard or front yard landscaping project well in advance. This will give you plenty of time to fine-tune your landscaping ideas and will allow your Toronto landscaping company to put together a landscape design that includes all of your landscaping ideas.

Booking early also gives you the time to finalize your plans for your backyard renovation project, something you may not get a chance to do if you book during the spring and summer, when Toronto landscaping companies are typically busy.

Booking with one of Toronto’s landscaping companies during the off-season has many other advantages beyond greater availability. Projects such as installing outdoor fireplaces, custom carpentry, and other outdoor projects aren’t limited to the summer months; in fact, working outdoors during the fall can sometimes be more productive due to the cooler temperatures.

Having a custom fireplace installed during the fall or winter can give you a chance to entertain outdoors during the cooler months, and even in the winter if you’re brave enough to face the cold. And if you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you can provide your guests with a warm location for socializing while giving you more room to prepare dinner.

While most Toronto landscaping companies won’t install new flower beds, natural stones, or sod during the off-season, there are a variety of projects they will take on during that time, and as an added bonus, a portion of your backyard landscaping will be ready once spring rolls around.

Don’t wait until spring or summer to book your landscaping projects. Set up your very own landscape consultation, even when the air is cool and the snow is still falling, by calling Fine Design Living today!