Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), May 1, 2014 – Fine Design Living , one of the Greater Toronto Area’s leading boutique design and build firms, specializing in high-quality exterior and interior custom renovations for residential and commercial clients, is describing how glass can be used effectively and stylistically in landscaping projects.

“Most people aren’t aware of just how effective glass can be in landscaping,” says Braden White, owner of Fine Design Living. “When thinking of backyard or front yard landscaping ideas, there are ways to incorporate glass that can create unique, stylistic effects.”

White agrees that on top of being durable, using glass for landscaping projects has other benefits. For example, building decorative or privacy fences with glass is a great option, as is building glass enclosures where you can see the outdoors while still being protected from the rain, wind or snow.

“Stylistic benefits don’t stop there, as glass can even be used in tandem with your plants,” he adds. “One way in which glass creates an amazing effect is by shining light on the back of decorative frosted glass panels, which creates a shadow effect from the plants placed behind the panels. It’s truly an amazing scene.”

According to White, glass can also be used as fencing around properties with pools, provided the fence meets the required height and has a gate which can be locked. And not only does it meet pool safety standards, but it is also a contemporary alternative to wood fencing.

“Using decorative glass fencing around properties with pools is not only safe, but it increases the visual appeal of the entire space,” he concludes. “It allows for more natural light and is still strong enough to hold out the wind and noise.”

Fine Design Living is a boutique design and build firm, specializing in high-quality exterior and interior custom renovations for both residential and commercial clients. From unique landscape designs and landscape construction to custom interior renovations, Fine Design Living is committed to providing the highest-quality workmanship, backed by a personalized approach to service excellence. Based out of Markham, Fine Design Living serves customers in Toronto and the GTA, including Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Vaughan, Newmarket, Unionville, Aurora, and Stouffville. More information about Fine Design Living is available by visiting the firm’s web site or by calling 416-817-6128.