Recently, the desire for a living space with a modern and urban style has become one of the more popular styles among the first time buyer community. With sleek lines, simple edges, curves and angles there is no wonder why some may find the simplicity of modern living spaces desirable. One of the unique and more popular aspects of a modern space includes the look of exposed concrete ceilings and walls, typically found in high rise luxury condominiums. Although many people are attracted to modern living spaces, achieving this look typically comes with a hefty price tag. Until now, modern living spaces would rarely be found in suburban communities.

This past year, we collaborated with a company called Dekko Concrete for a project that required a concrete outdoor gas fireplace. Dekko Concrete is located in Ontario and specializes in the design, manufacturing and supply of a unique, sustainable, lightweight, concrete product that looks identical to traditional concrete. This product can be used in many different forms as they provide several different products and applications that are available in six different colours. Whether you are looking for a modern square, rectangular or circular outdoor gas fireplace, custom concrete columns, custom concrete fireplace mantle or engraving a company logo into what appears to be a solid concrete wall, Dekko Concrete has you covered.

The beauty of this product is that the design and installation options are endless with the right creative thought. With the use of this product, you are now able to create the look of a solid concrete wall on any wall or ceiling of a two story suburban home or an outdated condo unit if you desire a more modern look. In addition to completing basic installations such as walls and ceilings, you are also able to create mind blowing custom designs that appear to defy the laws of gravity. We have many ideas in mind that we are excited to design and build!

Another benefit of the Dekko Concrete product is that it is able to be used for both interior and exterior projects. If you are looking for a modern outdoor living space, this product is a great way to complete modern pergolas and other custom items in order to create a dramatic and modern outdoor living space. In addition to the standard wall panels, Dekko Concrete also carries their own outdoor gas fireplaces as well as indoor or outdoor custom fireplace mantles.

One of the most unique products that Dekko Concrete has to offer is their customizable wall panels that are able to be engraved with your very own unique design. This product is great for businesses such as restaurants, nightclubs and offices, among others, as any company logo can be engraved and installed with little mess and in a short period of time. This will provide unique signage that your clients will undoubtedly talk about.  In addition to the existing products that Dekko Concrete currently carries, they are working on introducing custom counter tops to their product line. Whether you are looking to purchase an older condo unit or a suburban home and you wish it offered a more modern look, keep Dekko Concrete in mind.

You can visit Dekko Concrete at: http://dekko.ca

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