The creative and magical design of Dedon’s new “Swingrest” hanging lounger truly belongs in a scene from a Peter Pan movie. With its unique hanging concept, you can feel like you’re floating among the trees while enjoying the beauty of the nature that surrounds you. Whether you would like to hang out on your lounger with tall grasses flowing below you or you are intrigued with the idea of hanging only a couple of feet above the water of your lake or pool, both options are possible with Dedon’s Swingrest designed by Daniel Pouzet.

Until the Swingrest entered the market, you were typically limited to the use of traditional outdoor swing sets that lacked both style and creativity. The idea of being able to enjoy the comfort of a luxurious lounger while floating in the air is definitely a new concept and one that is becoming very popular with the introduction of this new product. The Swingrest is not only great for lounging out while under the tree tops, it is also ideal for suspending on a terrace or veranda and the possibilities don’t end there. If you have the space inside, you may even consider the addition of the Swingrest to your favourite interior lounge spot.

With its aluminum frame, electrostatic powder-coating, swivelling side table, easy to clean material, this Swingrest is built to last. If you are planning on creating a beautiful outdoor living space or looking for a new addition to your existing private oasis, consider Dedon’s Swingrest in order to add a magical touch to your outdoor or indoor living space.

Fine Design Living specializes in the installation of Swingrest loungers for both residential and commercial clients located in Toronto and the GTA. We have provided sample images below of installed Swingrest loungers (as found athttp://www.dedon.de/en/). To learn more about Swingrest loungers, visithttp://www.dedon.de/en/. Regardless of the desired location, we will find a way to turn your ideas into reality.

“To design the future effectively, you first must let go of the past.” – Charles J. Givens