At first glance, your guests may compliment you on your flawless oak floors, but with a closer look, they will be impressed to find out that they are in fact looking at tile. Unicomstarker’s “oak” collection is truly innovative tile product that has been designed to provide the look of oak wood and comes in several different colour options. This product is not only great for kitchen & bathroom floors due to its easy-to-clean surface, but it can also be used in a more modern application for feature walls.

With some creative thinking and the right design, there are a wide range of uses for this product. The tile comes in linear pieces with three different lengths and seven standard patterns to chose from. It is available in six different colours and is water resistant, frost proof and has a hardness rating of 7. So next time you undertake a home renovation and are looking for a unique and beautiful flooring product for your kitchen or bathroom, consider using Unicomstarker’s “oak” tiles.

You can view the Unicomstarker Oak catalog at the following link:http://www.unicomstarker.it/documents/10180/12243/catalogo_serie_oak

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